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Be Worth Funding Workbook: Volume 1 (E-Book)

Be Worth Funding Workbook: Volume 1 (E-Book)

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Be Worth Funding Workbook: Volume 1" is a dynamic and transformative guide for nonprofit organizations seeking to ensure that their organizations are not only deserving, but worthy of the funding they seek. Authored by the candid and experienced Ty Boone, this workbook is an extension of her insightful, best-seller book "Be Worth Funding". It offers practical exercises and assessments to revolutionize your approach to securing funding.

Ty Boone, known for her straightforward and practical guidance, provides invaluable knowledge acquired from managing millions in funds for various nonprofits. Her expertise helps organizations transition from initial struggles to sustainable success. The workbook's raw and real-world approach ensures applicability in the field of nonprofit management and fundraising.

This interactive guide is not just about learning; it's about applying these insights directly to your nonprofit venture. It's ideal for those at the early stages or looking to expand and grow their organization, but also extremely beneficial to those hoping to move their organizations to the next level of best. Prepare for a journey of learning, self-assessment, and strategic growth with this workbook. Ty Boone's guidance, infused with her unique style, will unraggedy your approach, making your nonprofit truly worthy of funding. Let's transform your nonprofit into one that not only seeks funding but is irresistibly worthy of it!

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